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King Power Stadium flashing adverts caused headaches and nausea, say Leicester City fans


Fans are being dazzled by the latest displays at the King Power Stadium – but it has nothing to do with the football on show.

They are complaining that new electric advertising hoardings are proving a major headache.

Hundreds of City supporters have bombarded internet message boards since City's 2-1 home defeat against Charlton on Tuesday to complain of being distracted by the moving images and not being able to concentrate on the match.

Long-time supporter Dave Johnson's view was typical of the reaction.

He said it was the "worst football experience in my 46 years of supporting my beloved Leicester City''.

He said: "I'm really not sure how good the game was, or not, as my concentration was constantly drawn to the bright neon flashing advertising hoardings.

"They were so bright and fast-moving I simply couldn't concentrate on the match.

"The worst times were when they went to bright red or green as, from my angle, I could no longer distinguish the blue shirts.

"I could not see Paul Konchesky or Ben Marshall in the first half and wouldn't have known they were on the pitch but for their white shorts."

Matt Davis, vice-chairman of the Foxes Trust, said: "We have been contacted by hundreds of fans who were at the Charlton game.

"The advertising hoardings were very distracting. I could hardly see some of the players myself or track the flight of the ball.

"It was like having looked into the sun, with all the shapes on my retina. It made it difficult to read the programme at half time.

"We are aware of a number of season ticket holders who have stated their intention of not renewing their tickets if the issue is not addressed. Other fans have reported suffering headaches, sore eyes or feelings of nausea."

The trust has raised the issue with the club, saying it could not wait until the Fans' Consultative Committee on Thursday, as there is a home game against Blackburn on Tuesday and it does not want a repeat of the problem at that match.

The new boards were installed for the FA Cup clash with Huddersfield, which City lost 2-1.

City Supporters Club chairman Cliff Ginetta said: "I know a lot of people were complaining. But on the whole, I think they are an improvement on the wooden boards.

"It shows the club is moving forwards to where we want to be. Perhaps the light level could be toned down a bit to avoid people being affected."

No-one from the club was available for comment yesterday.

But in an e-mail, club spokesman Ian Flanagan told fan Lynn Billingham the new advertising system was on trial and would be used at all remaining home games this season.

He wrote: "The system is a state-of-the-art LED (light-emitting-diode) system, which is currently used by UEFA for all Champions League knock-out stage games and is in place at Wembley Stadium and Twickenham.

He said: "The LED system was set at this brightness level for the Charlton Athletic match. In response to supporter feedback during the first half, the brightness level was reduced by one-third (to 40) for the second half.

"These levels are exactly in line with average brightness levels for Premier League LED systems in this country.

"The LED system is part of a wider programme to improve the King Power Stadium and to provide a top-class match-day experience for all LCFC supporters."

King Power Stadium flashing adverts caused headaches and nausea, say Leicester City fans

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