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Face of the teenager Liam Evans who slashed shop assistant and police officer with knife in Co-op, Humberstone


This is the teenager who slashed the necks of a shop assistant who tried to stop him stealing beer and the police officer who arrested him.

Liam Evans was jailed for five years last week for wounding the two men after he was caught stealing two crates of beer from the Co-op store, in Thurmaston Lane, Humberstone, Leicester.

Leicester Crown Court heard both men could have suffered more serious injuries if Evans had not been drunk at the time.

The Leicester Mercury successfully applied, in the public interest, for the lifting of a court order which previously banned the media from naming Evans, who is a juvenile.

Leicestershire Police released a custody photograph of Evans (17), of Pindar Road, New Parks, following a request by the Mercury. Detective Constable Nick Evans, who investigated the case, said: "This was a particularly nasty and shocking incident.

"Thankfully, the victims did not suffer more serious injuries, but the consequences of Evans's actions could have been far worse." Ivan Stafford, chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation, said: "This case is a reminder of the dangers out there for police officers and, in this instance, for people working in shops, too.

"I have seen the report of the things he said and the arrogance of this criminal is breath-taking."

Leicester Crown Court was told Evans went to the shop and stole two crates of beer at 10pm on September 15 last year,

The teenager slashed a male employee who asked him to return the crates, leaving a one-inch wide gash in his neck.

Police arrived and found Evans and four other youths drinking the stolen beer.

While trying to arrest the teenager, the police officer suffered a three-inch gash on the back of his neck when Evans swung out with his knife.

After his arrest, the court heard Evans bragged to the injured officer's colleagues: "I tried to kill a copper tonight. I would have killed him if I hadn't dropped the knife. When I get out of prison I will murder one of you. You're lucky no one died today."

Evans admitted two counts of wounding with intent and possession of the knife.

He also admitted possessing a larger kitchen knife in a public place nine days earlier.

Evans pleaded guilty to a house burglary in Whiles Lane, Birstall, when jewellery and cash totalling £1,600 were stolen, on September 3.

He confessed to 17 other offences, which he asked to be considered, including 14 house burglaries.

Philip Gibbs, mitigating, told the court: "He has indicated remorse and a desire to lead a non-criminal lifestyle in future."

Judge Michael Pert QC, sentencing, told Evans, who has 65 offences on his criminal record: "You could be facing a more serious charge, had you not had so much to drink and your aim had been better.

"You could be before me today facing a charge of murder."

Face of the teenager Liam Evans who slashed shop assistant and police officer  with knife in Co-op, Humberstone

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