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Parking plan for All Saints Brewery site next to Highcross shopping centre, in Leicester


The site of a former brewery could be used as a temporary car park.

The 19th century All Saints Brewery, next to Highcross shopping centre, in Leicester, was demolished this year after repeated arson attacks left the building badly damaged.

Plans have now been lodged to create a 71-space car park on the land, off Vaughan Way.

Applicant Tansuk Patel originally hoped the car park would be used by John Lewis staff and wanted to make a deal with the Highcross shopping centre's flagship store.

The deal would have released a number of spaces in the nearby multi-storey used by employees, but the company decided it could not formally back the scheme.

However, Mr Patel's agent, John Rickman, said the car park could replace about 50 spaces that are set to be removed from St Nicholas Place with the creation of the £4 million Jubilee Square.

Leicester City Council's planners are considering the scheme, but city mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said he was not convinced.

He said: "As a council, we have a policy of turning down this kind of car park.

"I would encourage the owner to try to find some more permanent development for that site rather than a car park.

"As for it replacing spaces from Jubilee Square, I think there are alternatives that are much nearer and that would be much more suitable."

The mayor has said he has a specific idea about replacement car parks in that area, but has declined to reveal what they are.

Mr Rickman said: "It is just round the corner from Jubilee Square and it would be ideal for that purpose. The loss of parking spaces has been a very big issue and here is a chance to provide some more.

"Although John Lewis eventually decided not to get involved, its staff could still use the spaces.

"The alternative would be for it to remain as an area of wasteland until long-term development comes along, and that is no use to anyone.

"It would be for a couple of years. If the car park opened, it would generate an income for the council through rates."

Leicester Civic Society chairman Stuart Bailey is also unconvinced.

"There is a detailed council document on parking needs and it shows that there is enough provision in that part of the city," he said.

"It would not be necessary and I would hope for some other kind of sympathetic development on that site."

Parking plan for All Saints Brewery site next to   Highcross shopping centre, in Leicester

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