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Sports pavilion broken into at Glenfield Sports Ground, in Gynsill Lane


Two sports teams and a builder were victims in a break-in at a pavilion.

The Glenfield Sports Ground pavilion, in Gynsill Lane, Glenfield, is being rebuilt and builders, as well as the teams based there, keep their equipment in large metal containers.

Thieves first smashed open the gates to the sports field before ripping padlocks off all four containers and helping themselves to the valuables.

Builder Keith Beesley, who has been contracted to rebuild the pavilion, lost up to £4,000 worth of tools in the raid.

"They took a few nail guns and saws and the things they could sell on easily," he said.

"It's between £3,000 and £4,000 worth, probably.

"If I claim on my insurance it will only drive my premium up, though, so it's just a cost I have to absorb.

"I have experienced this sort of thing about three times a year for the past 20 years.

"We had a break-in at the same site earlier this year and you just get used to it."

Glenfield Town Football Club had its container broken into, but it is not known if anything was taken.

Anstey and Glenfield Cricket Club also had the lock smashed off its container, but nothing was taken.

Club chairman John Sutherington said he was annoyed that thieves would target a sports pavilion.

He said: "You flog your guts out all year and then this happens.

"We've not got much money and it's just a huge annoyance.

"They broke open the padlocked container and that will be about £30 to get fixed, but they didn't take any of our equipment.

"With all the builder's stuff they probably thought they had enough.

"The football club container still had some stuff in it, but I don't know if they lost anything yet."

Tony Robotham, clerk of Glenfield Parish Council, which is responsible for the site, said: "It's really very annoying that when you're trying to do things for the community you become the target for people who want to just make an easy living.

"The pavilion is currently being rebuilt and the builders lost a substantial amount of equipment to these thieves.

"They cut the front gate open to get their vehicle in and that's had to be replaced.

"Luckily, we can do our own welding, so the financial cost to us isn't too much."

The incident happened at some time on Thursday night of last week.

Sports pavilion   broken into at  Glenfield Sports Ground, in Gynsill Lane

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