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Claims of mistreatment at Bosworth Court Nursing Home 'lies', Leicester court told


A senior carer told a jury she did not mistreat or neglect six elderly residents at the nursing home where she worked.

Samantha James (29) claimed three women colleagues, who alleged she shouted, swore and roughly handled residents, were telling lies.

She told Leicester Crown Court she had no idea why they were making allegations about her treatment towards six dementia sufferers, aged between 81 and 97.

James denies six counts of ill-treating five residents, who lacked the capacity to look after themselves, and one count of wilfully neglecting another, at Bosworth Court Nursing Home, Market Bosworth, between February and May last year.

Giving evidence in her defence, James, of The Oval, Nailstone, near Market Bosworth, said she had never bullied any resident.

When asked how she regarded such behaviour, she said: "It's disgraceful and if I had witnessed it myself I'd say something to the member of staff who had done it."

She said had never lost her temper during her job, which she began after leaving college, in 2002.

The prosecution allege she once hit an 86-year-old woman on the head in the shower and called her a bitch, which James denied.

She said she never shouted, swore or angrily shoved a wheelchair hard into the back of a 97-year-old man's legs, causing him to fall back into it, before snatching his Zimmer frame from him.

She denied mistreating the same man by being angry and abrupt with him, when putting him into a wheelchair, causing him to cry.

She further denied losing her temper with a 93-year-old man and refusing to help another carer to hoist him off a lavatory for 45 minutes as a punishment.

James disagreed she negligently left an 81-year-old woman without a bed bath or that she told another carer not to bother washing her.

James told the court she may have suggested leaving the resident's bathing until after the others, as that particular pensioner generally took longer than others.

The defendant denied having shouted and sworn at an 88-year-old woman who gripped her hard.

She said she never grabbed the woman's shoulders, picked her up and "shoved her hard" into a wheelchair, as alleged.

James said if a resident became difficult to deal with she would go out of the room for a few minutes and take some deep breaths. The court heard three carers Jessie Cox, Lindsey Curtis, and Dorota Kutnick all made complaints about the defendant to management after being reminded about the home's whistle-blowing policy during a training session.

All three gave evidence in court.

Adam Feest, prosecuting, asked James, during cross-examination: "Is there any cause why they (the witnesses) should have a grudge?"

James said: "No. I've always worked well with all three."

Mr Feest said: "Your language was abusive in front of residents."

James disagreed, saying she had only sworn "a couple of times" on her break out of earshot of residents. Two defence witnesses, who both worked with James at the home, said they never saw her swear or behave in a bullying manner. The jury are due to consider the verdicts today.

Claims of mistreatment at Bosworth Court Nursing Home 'lies', Leicester court told

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