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What other buildings in Leicester should be torn down?

Plans to demolish Leicester's 1970s indoor market and replace it with a new public square in the city centre were revealed yesterday. With city mayor Sir Peter Soulsby announcing the ambitious £7million scheme, which would see the five-storey hall make way for a plaza behind the Corn Exchange building, David Owen asked people what other city buildings they would like to see torn down – and why?

Tony Pike, 59, sales director, Narborough

"I'd like to see Lee Circle car park come down. It looks so out-of-date. It brings the tone of the place down. I remember when there was a club underneath. If the mayor wants to get rid of ugly buildings, it should be next."

Nicholas Zades, 32, businessman, city centre

"I hate the look of the big blue building by the train station. It looks like it doesn't belong. When visitors arrive in the city they must think 'Oh my god! What is that?"

"On the whole, I think Leicester is a beautiful city."

Laura Brennan, 27, catering assistant, Leicester

"I think the Holiday Inn should go. It just doesn't look attractive at all.

"I drive past it every day and always think, 'God that looks awful'. It could definitely do with a facelift but I'd prefer a new, clean-looking modern hotel."

Roxanne Wright, 29, cook, Braunstone, Leicester

"The BT Tower, in Humberstone Road, is an eyesore. You can see it for miles and it just looks horrible and outdated.

"I like the new Phoenix and Curve."

Jon Helsby, 19, office worker, Knighton

"The big blue tower by the Mercury. It's disgusting! It looked bad enough before, but painting it blue, with all the coloured dots, just draws attention to it and makes it look even worse.

"It's an embarrassment."

Danielle Frost, 18, saleswoman, Humberstone

"Elizabeth House, in London Road, is a bit nasty isn't it? It's the blue tower's ugly twin!

"I would like to see more understated, smaller buildings put in its place that don't look so bad."

Imtiaz Mahmood, 30, banker, Uppingham Road, Leicester

"For me, the Thames Tower, or whatever they call it, by the flyover on the ring road, is a terrible looking building. It doesn't make a good impression on anyone visiting the city."

Emeka Okoronkwo, 27, financial adviser, Birstall

"The city could do with losing the Haymarket shopping centre. It's a relic of the 60s and 70s and looks really out of place.

"The Haymarket, from the outside, is run-down and shabby."

What other buildings in Leicester should be torn down?

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