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Man tortured and imprisoned girlfriend, at Leicester court told


A jealous man who mercilessly tortured his girlfriend and held her captive for a week has been told to expect a jail term "well into double figures".

The 24-year-old father was convicted unanimously by a jury yesterday of inflicting grievous bodily harm, three rapes and false imprisonment.

During the trial, the court heard how the 18-year-old victim was whipped with electrical cable, burnt with hair straighteners, punched, kicked and stamped on.

She was tied up, had her hair hacked off with a knife, bleach was poured over head and their daughter's soiled nappy rammed into her face.

The teenager was repeatedly raped in their Leicester home, where she was held captive between April 8 and 15.

The defendant confiscated her mobile phone so she could not call for help.

Their 22-month-old daughter witnessed some of the atrocities to which her mother was subjected.

The youngster was encouraged to "hit mummy" with a pole as she lay helpless on the floor, tied up and rolled inside a rug. The defendant, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, denied all the allegations.

He was acquitted of one offence of sexual assault.

The defendant, in a dark brown suit and tie, bowed his head in the dock at Leicester Crown Court and wept as the verdicts were announced.

During the 10-day trial he claimed the victim had cheated on him and was beaten up by unknown men.

He said she falsely pinned the blame on him to get him arrested and out of their home.

After the verdicts were delivered, Judge Simon Hammond said: "It was torture. It was brutal. She was beaten in a sadistic way.

"It was about control and punishment of a woman he wrongly thought was cheating on him.

"Anyone who saw those awful injuries would have been driven to horror.

"I will be considering a sentence well into double figures.

"The victim was a courageous young woman and showed dignity giving evidence in court."

Judge Hammond praised the detectives who worked on the case for their "well-conducted police inquiry".

The victim, now 19, escaped from the house when the defendant's mother visited, making a dash to a neighbour's for help.

Judge Hammond said: "A paramedic who spent 19 years on the frontline in accident and emergency said she had never seen such injuries on a woman.

"The defendant showed her not a shred of mercy.

"Women shouldn't be treated like that. They deserve to be protected from violent vicious men like this."

The case was adjourned until November 23.

Man tortured and imprisoned girlfriend,  at Leicester court told

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