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Family's Christmas 'ruined' after sewage floods Loughborough's Kingfisher estate


A family's Christmas plans have been ruined after sewage flooded their home.

Tim and Sharon King and their three young children were forced out of their home in Loughborough's Kingfisher estate after black, foul-smelling water began pouring in on Sunday.

They have spent the past four days in a hotel and said it was unclear where they would stay over the festive period.

Mr King, a foot-care specialist who runs a clinic in Loughborough, said: "The water rushed in really quickly and caused devastation.

"It was flooded up to about three feet in my garage and between six inches and a foot in the house, with horrible black water.

"The place is like a bomb site and a Japanese garden I've spent years developing is ruined."

Mr King said other properties in the area had been affected.

He said: "The insurers are talking about rehousing us over Christmas because they say we can't live in the house as it is with three young children."

Mr King said initially children Kaihran, 10, Indienne, eight, and Shaikira, four, thought it was an adventure.

"When they realised Christmas wasn't going to be at home they got very tearful," he said.

"We normally put up the decorations this weekend, so that's not going to happen.

"We have three very upset kids who are going into school every day crying.

"My wife is not sleeping a lot because of the stress. We don't know if they're going to rehouse us or whether we'll still be in a hotel at Christmas."

Mr King said Wood Brook, which flows beside Forest Road, about 300 metres from his home, flooded on Wednesday last week.

"There's a bottleneck where the brook flows into a pipe under the road," he said.

"There's a grille across it and when debris builds up, it floods."

Mr King said he felt that if the grille had been cleared, the flooding would not have happened.

"Everybody's expressing concern now, but my kids are going to miss their Christmas at home," he said.

"The hotel we're in is looking after us, but we're all in one room so we're having to talk in the bathroom so we don't disturb the kids getting to sleep.

"We're just waiting to see what's going to happen."

A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency said: "Wood Brook flows into the River Soar.

"Due to the unprecedented amount of rainfall received, Wood Brook was unable to do this due to the high river levels.

"Our teams had been out checking the screens to make sure they were clear – which they were.

"So, unfortunately, the flooding occurred due to the volume of water."

After a weekend of rescues, firefighters said the situation had calmed down yesterday, with no flood-related incidents.

However, there were rescues on Tuesday, with a van and a car getting stuck in Broome Lane, East Goscote, at about 5.45pm.

Earlier in the day, at 8.40am, a woman was rescued from her Mercedes people carrier by farmers, after getting stuck in Appleby Lane, Snarestone.

Family's Christmas 'ruined' after sewage floods Loughborough's Kingfisher estate

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