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De Montfort University unveils plans to rebuild part of its campus in Leicester


De Montfort University's latest rebuilding project is set to add some futuristic buildings to the skyline of the city.

The university has more than £90 million available to rebuild a large area of its campus, which will involve demolishing most of the two-storey section of the 1960s Fletcher Building.

The multi-storey section of the building will be revamped and surrounded by modern structures with glass paneling and flowing designs, as well as new lawns to enhance Mill Lane, the newly-pedestrianised road through the campus.

The university said the open area would be for students, staff and the general public.

The plans have been welcomed by students.

Journalism student Andrew Brady, 21, said: "I think it's really good. It will make it better for students.

"I like the other new buildings they've done recently – they're really good.

"I'm in my final year, so I won't be here to see it, but it's going to be great in summer for students, having the extra green area."

His friend Nichola Munroe, 22, also a third-year journalism student, said: "It's really good they're doing this.

"Although they have closed off Mill Lane it still feels like a road, but when there's the green space it will be different.

"The University of Leicester has good green space around the campus but we've just got Bede Park and that's it.

"It's going to be good."

The Fletcher Building houses the art, design and humanities department, which will benefit from a revamped interior with better teaching areas.

Another big change will be the moving of the campus dining area from the ground floor of the campus centre to the Fletcher Building site.

This will mean more space in the campus centre for the Students Union to use.

The cash for the work came from a "public bond" – a 30-year loan provided by financial institutions.

Professor Dominic Shellard, vice-chancellor of the university, said: "Everything we do at De Montfort University is focused on our students, so I am very proud we have become the first university in the country to secure a bond to fund such a distinctive programme of campus enhancements."

Some of the money will be spent off-campus at the John Sandford sports centre in Western Boulevard, which will become an exhibition and conference centre, as well as being available for some sports. There will also be some cash spent continuing the job of refurbishing Main Building, in Mill Lane, which will include extra teaching space.

Solar panels will be installed on the roofs of Edith Murphy, Gateway House and Hugh Aston buildings.

They are expected to power the buildings and make money through the sale of extra energy produced.

De Montfort  University  unveils plans   to rebuild  part of its  campus in Leicester

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