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Lollipop man Bob Pole, 73, threatened, abused and sworn at by drivers in Leicester


Lollipop man Bob Pole has been abused, sworn at and threatened by motorists as he guides children across the road.

The 73-year-old great-grandfather, who has been a lollipop man in Knighton, Leicester, for eight years, said: "It is just getting worse and worse."

He spoke out about the daily barrage of abuse he has to put up with in a bid to get drivers to slow outside St Thomas More School, in Knighton Road.

Mr Pole said: "I cannot believe how fast some of these drivers travel up and down here when they know there is a school.

"All I am trying to do is to get a lot of little children safely across a road and into the school. Many seem to react as if I am personally trying to ruin their day."

Mr Pole, of Wigston, who has four children, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, said he was threatened recently.

He said: "There were two men in a car and I had stepped out with my lollipop to stop the traffic to allow children to cross.

"They took exception to my stopping them and shouted abuse at me.

"The car had already stopped and then one man got out and approached me.

"He was shouting very loudly and was very aggressive. He came near to me and said 'Have we got a problem?'.

I told him I did not have a problem but that he would have one with the police if he did not leave.

"This is the type of rubbish that some drivers are capable of. Why? It seems to be just because they have to slow down or maybe stop to let little children cross the road to get to school."

Mr Pole, a part-time cellarman at the Horse and Trumpet pub, in Wigston, said it was not just male drivers who subjected him to abuse.

He said: "Sometimes the women are worse. I can't believe some of the abuse that comes out of their mouths.

"I think drivers should think twice about their speed and their behaviour. I am here to help protect the children and I love my job."

Parents of pupils at the primary school supported Mr Pole's call for drivers to slow down.

Elizabeth Pateman, 30, of Knighton, whose five-year-old son Samson goes to the school said: "It is awful. I have seen and heard some of the abuse directed at Bob the lollipop man.

"It is terrible that parents and children should have to hear this. The drivers who do this should be ashamed.

"Bob is a lovely man and all the children love him to bits. He is always smiling and helpful and is only doing his job."

Head teacher Pat Mason also appealed to drivers to go slower on the two main roads outside her school.

Mrs Mason, who has been at the 278-pupil school for 18 years, said: "We have always had a problem with car going too quickly near the school.

"The main problem is in Knighton Road but there are also drivers speeding along Ratcliffe Road at the back.

"Mr Pole is a lovely man who does a great job for us.

"If this gets drivers to think twice and to slow near all schools, then that would be great."

Lollipop man Bob Pole, 73, threatened, abused and sworn at by drivers in Leicester

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