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Leicestershire schoolboy's letter to soldiers in Afghanistan wins hearts of Facebook users


A touching message to soldiers in Afghanistan has melted the hearts of more than 1,400 Facebook users.

Aiden Boswell, nine, wrote the letter as part of a school project at All Saints Primary School, in Coalville.

The Soldiers' Charity, which received the letter, put a copy on its Facebook page.

The letter reads: "I, and everyone else in the country are very grateful that you are protecting our country and we hope you succeed.

"I hope everything will be all right. I'm not too keen on the war, are you? Hoping for a good future, Aiden."

Aiden, who lives in Coalville, said he was thrilled to have so many people reading his letter.

He said: "I'm excited and I'm very proud, too."

His mum, Kim Spencer, said: "It's great that so many people have read his letter. I was really emotional when I first saw it and very proud of him.

"We don't have any family in the military and Aiden doesn't really like watching that sort of stuff on the news, either, but I think it's a very mature letter."

Aiden said: "My whole school were doing the letters and everybody wrote one.

"I really just put down whatever came into my head."

Aiden said he was very happy about the response the letter was having on the internet.

He said: "I feel like I'm dreaming. It does make me happy.

"I write a few letters but I'm more into drawing."

As well as about 1,430 "likes", the letter, decorated with pictures of soldiers, a helicopter and an aeroplane dropping bombs, has prompted dozens of comments from Facebook users.

Barbara Stuchfield said: "His parents must be very proud to have such a caring son."

Paul Turton said: "Excellent letter. They should have more children doing this because it lifts morale so much over there and the kids see how brave our lads are for doing the job."

Serving and former members of the Armed Forces also wrote about Aidan's letter on the Facebook page.

Jeff Scott said: "We had a few letters like this sent out to us while on tour. Very good for morale and a very well-written letter."

Robert Brown said: "What a hope he is for our youth.

"As an ex-squaddie I would have been chuffed to receive this letter. I'm not keen on the war either, bless him."

Phil Steadman said: "I would have replied and even visited after my tour had finished to say thank you."

The letter has been sent to Afghanistan by The Soldiers' Charity along with dozens of other letters from Aidan's school and elsewhere.

The charity is hoping to send one of its liaison officers into Aidan's school to thank them for the letters and talk to them about the Army. The charity helps current and former servicemen and women, and their children and families.

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Leicestershire schoolboy's letter to soldiers in Afghanistan wins hearts of Facebook users

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