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Brave girl, 3, speaks her first words


A three-year-old girl unable to walk or talk since she was born has begun saying her first words.

Stevie and David Taylor's daughter Fields has said "mum" and "Bill" – the name of the family dog.

Both words are magic to the ears of her mum and dad, of Asfordby, near Melton.

Fields suffers from a rare condition called Glut1 Deficiency.

It means her brain is starved of energy because her body cannot produce and transport the glucose it needs to function properly.

The condition was diagnosed earlier this year, much to her family's relief, and Fields is now on a special high fat diet to combat the condition.

Stevie said: "Fields is doing really well. The diet has given her a lot more energy. She is much more vocal and it is so nice to hear her shouting for the dog and saying 'Mum'."

"Fields also shakes her head and says 'no' and will turn your head to what she wants you to look at.

"It's a lot less frustrating for her and she has a much better sense of humour. She laughs more and can find the smallest thing hilarious.

"Fields isn't walking by herself yet, but she is cruising along the furniture and is a lot more stable than she was."

Although it is making a big difference to Fields's health, her treatment, known as a ketogenic diet, which is high in fat and low in carbohydrates and sugar, is not easy to follow.

Stevie said: "Fields has grown 1.5cms but hasn't put on any weight, which means she is still not getting enough calories to give her the energy she needs.

"We have to weigh everything out and she has an oil on prescription which she has to have.

"We have to be so organised when we go out because of the things Fields can and cannot have.

"It's a massive learning curve for us all."

The family is due to fly to America on Sunday to a special conference in Texas where experts on Glut1 will be gathering with parents whose children are affected by the condition. Fund-raisers collected more than £7,000 so the family could make the trip.

The campaign included a £1,000 donation from Melton children's charity, the Romaney Fugill Memorial Fund.

Stevie, an accountant, said: "We want to say such a big thank-you to everyone who has helped to raise this money.

"We are looking forward to meeting other families affected by this condition. Activities have been arranged for the children so that we can have time with the doctors to find out as much as we can.

"It will also be good to meet other families to find out how they cope."

There is no known cure for Glut1, which affects only 25 people in the UK.

Brave girl, 3,  speaks her first words

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