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Officer's farting helps police sniff out cannabis factory


Police sniffed out a cannabis factory after officers wound down their car windows to escape the effects of what they thought to be a colleague's flatulence.

The officers, who were on a burglary operation and were waiting to arrest a suspect, initially believed the strong cannabis-like smell filling the car was a consequence of their colleague's high-fibre diet.

However, when they opened their windows to breathe in some fresh air, they realised the smell was stronger outside.

They then followed their noses to a house, where they found the illegal growing operation. Their inquiries led them to a second house nearby where they found more plants.

The officers arrested seven suspects and the value of the plants was later estimated at £12,000.

The story is reported in the Dogberry column in the latest edition of the Police Federation's national monthly magazine.

The column is a round-up of funny tales – often submitted by officers – from across England and Wales.

Leicestershire Police has been unable to confirm when and where it happened.

The Police Federation represents rank and file officers up to the rank of chief constable.

The Dogberry column reported: "They asked their colleague in the back what he had been eating and, after fits of giggles and denials, they realised the cannabis smell was in the air outside.

"All three officers' suspicions were now raised, and they left the car to find the cause of the cannabis smell."

The magazine reported seven suspects were arrested.

One officer, who was not involved in the incident, said: "We spend a lot of time together waiting in cars on operations like this.

"You have to get along with each other. It sounds like these officers are a good team and someone has decided this story should be shared with others.

"We can laugh at things as long as we've got a good outcome, as they seem to have done in this case."

Syreeta Lund, editor of the magazine, said: "We get some bizarre stories from officers and this really caught my eye.

"The Dogberry page is the one officers turn to to hear what's happening in other forces. It's quite a marker to get a story on to the page."

Officer's farting helps police sniff out  cannabis factory

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