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VIDEO: Refurbished bells ready to ring out over village again


Church bells can ring out over a village once more, thanks to a year-long, £30,000 project.

The peal of eight bells at All Saints, Gilmorton, has been refurbished and re-hung and is ready to ring.

The work was carried out by John Taylor and Co Bell Foundry, of Loughborough.

Andrew Mills, works director, said: "Because the frame had corroded, new steel had to be put in the base and two extra beams added to strengthen the tower.

"New furnishings have been put into at least five of the bells.

"The work took about a month but was done piecemeal as the money for the project came in.

"The bells were last refurbished 100 years ago and it will probably be at least another 100 years before the work has to be done again."

The eight bells together weigh two-and-a-half tons. The largest, the tenor, alone tips the scales at more than half a ton – the weight of a small car.

The oldest bell was cast in 1738 and the octave was completed in 1909.

The £30,000 to complete the project came from sources including a Bell Fund lottery, concerts and donations from individuals and businesses. A team of volunteers, led by Alan Moult, worked 60 feet up in the tower to dismantle and lower the bells and steelwork and then raise all the refurbished parts.

The bells were returned to the church from the foundry by Enderby builder's merchant E H Smith.

Team vicar, the Rev Emma Davies said: "Bell-ringing is a wonderful activity which brings together people of all ages.

"We really hope that once the bells are re-hung they will attract some more people who would like to learn this ancient art.

"Our local ringers are looking forward to being able to ring again for services including weddings and to celebrate events of local and national importance.

"I know many people are longing to hear our glorious bells ringing out again over the village and I am very grateful for the generosity of all involved."

VIDEO: Refurbished   bells   ready to ring out over village again

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