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Family in shock after car crashes into home in Jacklin Drive, Rushey Mead, Leicester


A family have described the moment a car veered off the road, ploughed through their garden wall and embedded itself in the front of their home.

The Trivedi family were yesterday surveying the damage to their home in Jacklin Drive, Rushey Mead, Leicester – and compared the sound of the impact to a grenade exploding.

A Toyota, which remained at the scene yesterday, left the road and smashed through the garden wall at noon on Saturday.

Its momentum carried it a further 20ft and it hit the house's porch, which was destroyed.

The driver was not hurt and will not face police action.

Dr Nikunj Trivedi, a homeopathist, was treating a client at the time, while his wife and son, 50-year-old Amita and Parth, 18, were closest to the impact, in the front room.

Dr Trivedi, 53, said: "We getting over the shock slowly. It has been very traumatic.

"I was concerned about my wife and my son because they were in the front room near to the spot where the car crashed.

"Fortunately, they were not hurt but they were very shocked – we all were.

"The house filled with dust and fumes.

"I was with a patient and I heard a very loud bang. It was as if the roof of the house was being torn off.

"The car had smashed through our wall and kept going until it hit the porch, which has been destroyed.

"Luckily, there were no children playing in the street at the time or any of my family or clients outside the house.

"I can't bear to think about what might have happened if anyone had got in its way.

"We are all very grateful it has not turned out to be as bad as it might have been."

He said the family was waiting to hear whether there was any significant structural damage to the house.

Parth, who is about to leave home to go to university, said: "I was in the front room having my lunch when there was a loud bang, like a grenade had exploded.

"We went upstairs to look out to see what had happened and the car was there stuck into the front of the house.

"We couldn't believe it. The porch was completely destroyed, there was a big gap in the wall and there was debris everywhere.

"Fortunately the driver wasn't injured, although she did seem to be in a state of shock."

A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said the family and the motorist had exchanged insurance details and that no police investigation was taking place.

Family    in shock  after car crashes into home in  Jacklin Drive, Rushey Mead, Leicester

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