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Oliver's Royal Appointment!


A seriously ill boy had a dream come true when he was invited to have tea with the Queen – the Dame Helen Mirren version.

Oliver Burton, 10, who is fighting cancer for the fourth time, travelled to London in a stretch limo before meeting the "Queen".

He sat in her "big" chair and fed her corgis biscuits while she served him tea, cola and sandwiches.

Then the lad from Birstall became Sir Ollie as the actress, who is appearing as the Queen at London's Gielgud Theatre, knighted him with her hand.

Mum and dad, Catherine and James, described the trip, which included their six-year-old son, Ethan, as "perfect".

Oliver, who has Down's Syndrome, was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2006, when he was three.

He has fought it three times but when he relapsed for a fourth time at the beginning of May doctors said there was little they could do.

His parents knew one of Oliver's biggest dreams was to meet the Queen.

When Buckingham Palace was unable to meet a request for a meeting made by the National Children's Tumour Leukaemia Cancer Trust, the charity hit on the idea of asking Dame Helen to step in.

Catherine said: "Dame Helen was brilliant. She stayed in character the whole time and spent a lot of time talking to Oliver and drawing him out of himself.

"She signed his British flag, which he waves all the time.

"Even now, if you ask him who he met recently, he smiles and waves the flag. He believes he met the real Queen and that's fine by us."

The family travelled to London in a stretch limo which had been organised by the charity.

Catherine said: "We were treated like royalty for a day. It has provided so many memories for friends and family. It gave us all such a lift."

Oliver's latest tests, last week, have come back clear.

Catherine said: "It is a complete roller-coaster. From being told to plan a funeral to this news – we have to take life one day at a time as Oliver could become very ill, very quickly.

"He doesn't know how poorly he is, he is such a happy chap.

"Meeting the Queen was top of his wish list. Other things include going to the park and feeding the ducks.

"We are so grateful to everyone who has donated to help pay for trips. The kindness and generosity from people has been humbling."

Andi Daw, family support worker from the National Children's Tumour Leukaemia Cancer trust, organised the London trip with fellow charity worker Karen Rogers, from Alfie's Cause.

Andi said: "I think Oliver's story struck a chord. He rang me from the limo and the highlight for him had been feeding the dogs biscuits and he told me how the Queen had spilt cola as she opened a bottle.

"She said 'silly Queen, making a mess'. He thought it was very funny. I was so pleased and excited for the family I was nearly crying."

Oliver's Royal Appointment!

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