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Neighbour describes finding woman dead in her bathroom


A murder trial has been hearing how a neighbour discovered the body of a mother-of-two in the bathroom of her home.

Riahana Rezayi (23) suffered a fatal stab wound to her abdomen and died on the floor, in Hand Avenue, Braunstone, Leicester, on November 13.

Her husband, Yacoub Rezai (32) denies murdering her, although he accepts responsibility for her death.

The jury at Leicester Crown Court has been told the issue is whether his actions amounted to murder or manslaughter.

Stephen Lowne, prosecuting, said the defendant allegedly told a relative, Moshen Rezayi, on the phone he had killed his wife.

Mr Rezayi went to the house and recruited help from neighbours Winifred and Edward Patterson at about 2pm.

In a statement read to the court, Mr Patterson said a man he had seen regularly visiting the defendant's home knocked on his door, saying "The lady is dead and in the bathroom".

After calling the emergency services, Mr Patterson forced a gate, used a rock to smash a window in his neighbour's house and climbed inside.

He went to the bathroom and saw his neighbour. He said: "She was on her back.

"My instant thought was she was dead. She looked at peace, like she'd just gone to sleep.

"I couldn't see any injury or blood on her."

He said the man who had raised the alarm climbed into the house and began wailing.

Statements of a paramedic and two police officers confirmed Mrs Rezayi was dead at the scene.

A knife with a four-inch blade was in the bathroom sink.

Earlier, the court heard the defendant suspected his wife was cheating on him.

She had asked for a divorce, which he did not want.

Mrs Rezayi was trying to arrange a "house swap" so she could move to Reading, where her sister lived.

Friend Najela Mohammad Afzel said the victim had not mentioned anything to her about having a male friend.

The trial continues.

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