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Royal baby: Your favourite name is?


Alexandra is the strong bookies' favourite when it comes to the name of the future king or queen.

Catherine and William are expecting their first child in July and while the sex of the embryonic heir has not been announced, bookies are clearly expecting a girl.

After Alexandra, the next most popular names are Elizabeth, Diana, Victoria, Alberta and Mary, with George in seventh place.

The odds on Alexandra are about two to one, with the next three favourites around the five to one mark.

Further down the list are Alice, Frances, Grace, Philip, Anne, Charlotte, Holly and James.

The strong bias for a girl's name follows a tabloid newspaper report that a member of the public heard the 31-year-old duchess let slip that she was having a daughter during a royal engagement in Grimsby in March, which led to a rush of votes on the baby being female.

The Leicester Mercury went out and asked the shoppers in the city what they thought would be the best name for a 21st century royal baby.

Alexandra is not a very common name within the royal family, but one of the Queen's cousins is named Princess Alexandra.

Whichever name William and Kate choose, it is likely to set a new baby-naming trend, inspiring parents all over the world to follow their lead.

We asked the public: What do you think the future king or queen should be named?

What people in Leicester think the new king or queen should be called

Alex Harrison, 50, lab technician, Western Park, Leicester

"I think Davros. Doctor Who is very popular these days."

Jeff Lamb, 17, student, Oakham

"Thomas. Ed and George are already taken."

Marriam Naveed, 17, student, Stoneygate, Leicester

"Something posh, maybe Patricia."

Stephen Ordell, 42, library worker, Knighton, Leicester

"It has to be a royal name, maybe Francis. Or Sharon and Kev!"

Alex Herrick, 21, accountant, Oadby

"It's got to be royal: Edward, or Tarquin II maybe, or something like Daniel."

Shannon Sturgess, 20, student, Aylestone, Leicester

"A good, nice name, like Francis."

Rochelle Jing, 22, student, city centre

"In China, the names come from historical figures, so maybe Elizabeth."

Ray Purkins, 65, retired, Leicester

"A royal name, maybe modern, maybe Elizabeth. Not some-thing risky, not Posh and Becks or Peaches!"

Andy Bugby, 57, postman, Astley Lane

"If it's a girl, Elizabeth, if it's a boy, Winston. It's hard to say, though it will probably be traditional."

Rebecca Millington, 21, office worker, Groby

"Something regal; Victoria, or David."

Kathryn Lubkowski, 31, administrator, Knighton, Leicester

"I think Kate will go for a traditional name, not a modern one."

Becki Hearn, 17, student, Oakham

"Diana – it has to be a regal name."

Royal baby: Your favourite name is?

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