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'No remorse' for killer Michelle Mills who is jailed for life


A "manipulative" mother of two convicted of murder after stabbing her boyfriend 24 times was yesterday jailed for life.

Former children's nursery worker Michelle Mills was ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years before she can be considered for parole.

Mills, who is 4ft 11in, used such force when she stabbed Eddie Miller, 20, at their home in Scalford, near Melton, the handle broke away from the knife.

She claimed she was in fear of her boyfriend and said she thought she was about to be attacked.

Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence at Lincoln Crown Court, said: "You were not, in my judgement, in fear of him. You were extremely angry with him. Had you been in fear, you could easily have left the house, but you were in a rage and you picked up what was the largest knife available.

"He did not realistically stand a chance of defending himself, such was the ferocity of the attack."

The judge dismissed her claims to have been regularly subjected to physical violence by Mr Miller, saying she gave as good as she got in the relationship.

He told her: "This was a brutal, ferocious and sustained attack. You loved each other but you were jealous of each other.

"You were extremely angry with him and you were in a rage.

"I detect no remorse in you. You have only been concerned with yourself. You did your very best to hoodwink the jury, but they saw through you.

"You are a manipulative woman who strays from the truth when it suits you to do so.

"Throughout this trial, you have tried to portray yourself as a serial victim of domestic violence. That picture is not an accurate one."

Mills attacked Mr Miller following an argument after they returned home from a bonfire night party at the Kings Arms, in Scalford.

As her boyfriend sat on the sofa drinking wine, she grabbed the knife and repeatedly stabbed him, leaving him lying in a pool of blood.

Mills then waited 20 minutes before raising the alarm. Her boyfriend was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, but was pronounced dead soon after arrival.

In evidence, she told the jury she thought she was about to be attacked and although she used a knife, she did not mean to kill him.

During the trial, the jury heard how she had attacked two of her previous partners with a knife but neither suffered serious injury. Neither man made a complaint to police.

Mills (31) was Mr Miller's first serious girlfriend and they had talked of marriage. She was 11 years older than him and told the jury that she had had more than 70 previous sexual partners.

Mills denied murder on November 6 but was convicted after a three-week trial.

Peter Lodder QC, in mitigation, said there was evidence Mills suffered mental health problems.

He added: "She has two young children and there is, we submit, a poignant sadness in that for her, a woman whose own childhood was categorised by abuse and unhappiness."

'No remorse' for killer  Michelle Mills who is jailed for life

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