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Woman is jailed for stabbing a stranger


A woman who stabbed a stranger three times in the back as he walked along a street has been jailed for four years.

Teresa Lavin (49) of Rectory Road, Markfield, knifed the 68-year-old, who she did not know, while he was in Main Street, in the village, on his way home from the pub.

Cheryl Williams, prosecuting, at Peterborough Crown Court, said: "The man was walking down the street when what felt like a punch hit him on the back.

"He told police, 'I ran off but she chased me. I felt a sudden, sharp stabbing pain in my back. I looked behind to see her behind me.

'I realised I was not going to be able to out-run her. As I faced her, I could see she had a knife in her right hand.

'I managed to pull her to the floor and grabbed the knife'."

Miss Williams said as the man grabbed the knife he said 'you nutter,' and Lavin replied 'I am a nutter'.

The man needed 11 stitches after the kitchen knife caused a wound two inches deep.

Lavin then fled the scene, but a witness found her wallet at the scene and she was arrested at her home later that night, on January 15.

The court heard that when police arrived at her home, she said: "I know I stabbed him and don't even know who he is. I just went to the shop and did it."

As she was arrested, she headbutted a female police officer.

In mitigation, the court heard how Lavin had suffered from alcohol problems and mental health difficulties, and this was a cry for help.

She pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and battery.

Sentencing, Judge Nic Madge said: "I have to consider the issue of dangerousness.

"Is there a significant risk to members of the public of serious harm, occasioned by the commission by you of further specified offences?

"I have to bear in mind that serious harm includes serious personal injury, whether physical or psychological. The author of the pre-sentence report and the psychiatrist consider you pose such a risk.

"I conclude there is a significant risk of further specified offences.

"It is necessary that I pass an extended sentence to provide adequate protection for the public."

Lavin was given a sentence of four years for wounding, with two months concurrent for battery.

Judge Madge also added an extended licence period of three years when she was released.

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