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VIDEO: Scouts, Cubs and Beavers on the march in Leicester


Hundreds of proud Scouts, Cubs and Beavers marched through the city streets to mark St George's Day.

The annual event yesterday saw more than 400 youngsters take part in a parade to Leicester Cathedral for a service to celebrate England's patron saint, while hundreds more marched to Bishop Street Methodist Church for a separate service.

Afterwards, both groups joined up for a massive parade led by a marching band, which went through the heart of the city centre as shoppers enjoying the warm weather looked on.

Mia Doshi-Prichard, 12, of Knighton, was parading with the 68th Leicester Scouts.

She said: "It's really good. Everyone watched us and we all marched in time to the beat.

"It's good to have so many people taking part.

"This is only my second parade, we did one in November for Remembrance Day, and this is much nicer weather."

Her group leader, Jane Letter-Miller, said the event was always an eye-opener for the youngsters.

She said: "They know they're all members of the biggest youth organisation in the world but until they see all the others here it's hard for them to get an idea of just how many there are here in Leicestershire."

Calum Jones, eight, of the 63rd Leicester Beavers, was also having fun on the parade. He said: "It's really good fun. I've never done it before and it's a bit scary."

The 63rd are a new Leicester group, set up a year ago.

Chris Wilkins, one of the group's leaders, said: "We had eight Beavers all together, with one up front, carrying the flag, and they've all had a really good time. There are also Cubs and Scouts from the 63rd here.

"It's also my first parade for about 40 years and it's good to be back!"

Along the route of the parade, hundreds of parents and grandparents looked on proudly as the children filed past.

Edward Brooksbank, of Knighton, Leicester, had three children, aged seven, 10 and 12, in the parade.

"It's lovely to see them all dressed up and looking so happy," he said.

"It's nice to have a bit of a ceremony and it's not too cold for it this year."

Jemmah Harrison, of Braunstone, Leicester, watched her six-year-old daughter Molly take part in her first parade.

She said: "I brought Molly here to see the parade last year and that really set her off and she wanted to be a Beaver.

"So now I'm back here this year and she's in the parade and having a really good time. It think it's brilliant."

Pamela Ball, of Wigston, looked on as her six-year-old son Corey took his turn at carrying the flag for the 112th Leicester Beaver group.

She said: "He's only six and it's his first parade so he's really been looking forward to it. They were all well behaved and they were trying very hard to march nicely."

VIDEO: Scouts, Cubs and Beavers on the  march in Leicester

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