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Leicester City captain Wes Morgan 'fell asleep at wheel of BMW'


Leicester City captain Wes Morgan "dozed off" at the wheel of his BMW and crashed after having no sleep for 24 hours, a court heard.

Morgan who has gone on trial at Nottingham Magistrates' Court, denies driving his black BMW while unfit through drink and lack of sleep, and driving without due care and attention.

The prosecution claims the Foxes centre-half told police he dozed off at the wheel and when he woke up was "swerving on the road" and "had a collision with himself".

That night, he had drunk brandy and cokes and been to an awards function at a club, before travelling to his home in Gedling, Notts, the court was told.

The collision happened on the A46 in Bingham, Notts, on a bridge over the A52, in the early hours of May 1, the court heard.

Peter Quinn, prosecuting, said a breath test at the scene revealed Morgan was over the drink-drive limit.

Mr Quinn said: "He (Morgan) had two physical problems to contend with, namely lack of sleep, and alcohol, and the Crown say that combination rendered Mr Morgan unfit, unsuitable to drive.

"We say he shouldn't have been driving due to the lack of sleep and drink taken."

Sergeant Dan Skoraczewski told the court he thought the BMW was a write-off when he attended the scene.

"I could smell alcohol on him," he told the court.

"It was only weak. It was noticeable but it wasn't overpowering. I asked him if he'd been drinking and he told me he had some brandy and coke, and had been driving the vehicle. He appeared fine.

"He appeared normal."

Morgan (29) was originally arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.

The two charges he is on trial for were brought after he was acquitted of drink-driving after legal argument last August. Morgan's lawyer, Phillip Lucas, has told District Judge Morris Cooper, who is hearing the trial, that the defence takes issue with Morgan's interview and alleged verbal comments at the scene.

He said there was no evidence of him driving while unfit through drink, that the proper procedure for interview was not followed, and that Morgan was interviewed in between a breath test and a blood test.

Breath tests and blood specimens taken are not being used as evidence, he said.

"We say, if he was demonstrably unfit he shouldn't have been interviewed without assessment for fitness for interview," said Mr Lucas.

Mr Quinn argued the roadside breath test was an admissible piece of evidence.

The trial ran out of time yesterday and was adjourned to July 8.

Leicester City captain Wes Morgan 'fell asleep at  wheel of  BMW'

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