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Athletics: Leicestershire Secondary Schools' Cross-Country League


There were many promising performances at the first Leicestershire Secondary Schools' Cross-Country League meeting of the season, at Groby Community College.

Eleanor Hare, of Humphrey Perkins, took the honours in the year seven girls' race, coming home half-a-minute ahead of De Lisle's Hannah Seager.

Jack Douglas, of Loughborough Grammar, marked his debut in the league with victory in the year seven boys' race, ahead of Brookvale's Chris Nealon.

Last year's year seven girls champion, Francesca Green, finished second in the junior girls' race, with Caitlin Roper, of Lutterworth High School, first top the line.

The largest field for a number of years, 95, competed in the junior boys' age group, with Ben Dijkstra, of Humphrey Perkins, leading them home.

In the intermediate age group, Hannah Cox celebrated a victory on her home course, while Euan Makepeace took victory in the boys' race.

Many schools made Promising starts to their pursuit of team titles.

Loughborough Grammar will be hoping they can defend the junior boys' title, and their convincing victory on Saturday makes them the team to beat.

They also had further reason to celebrate with victory in the intermediate boys age group.

The next league race is on Saturday, October 6, at Rutland Water, 10.30am start.


Year 7 girls: 1, Eleanor Hare (Humphrey Perkins); 2, Hannah Seager (De Lisle); 3, Jasmine Stevens (De Lisle).

Year 7 girls team: 1, De Lisle; 2, Lutterworth High; 3, Manor High.

Year 7 boys: 1, Jack Douglas (Loughborough Grammar); 2, Chris Nealon (Brookvale High); 3, Ben Rouse (Loughborough Grammar).

Year 7 boys team: 1, Loughborough Grammar; 2, Brookvale High; 3, De Lisle.

Junior girls: 1, Caitlin Roper (Lutterworth High); 2, Francesca Green (Loughborough High); 3, Jordan Waine (Thomas Estley).

Junior girls: 1, Loughborough High; 2, Kibworth High; 3, Manor High.

Junior boys: 1, Ben Dijkstra (Humphrey Perkins); 2, Isaac Akers (Welland Park); 3, Pascal Bouttier-Butler (Brookvale High).

Junior boys team: 1, Loughborough Grammar; 2, Thomas Estley & Brookvale High.

Inter girls: 1, Hannah Cox (Groby); 2, Helena Keenan (Beauchamp College); 3, Beth Ellis (Robert Smyth Academy).

Inter girls team: 1, Robert Smyth Academy; 2, Lutterworth College; 3, Beauchamp College.

Inter boys: 1, Euan Makepeace (Rawlins); 2, Cameron Hart (Ratcliffe College); 3, James Owen (Lutterworth College).

Inter boys team: 1, Lutterworh College; 2, De Lisle A; 3, Beauchamp College.

Senior girls: 1, Jasmin Southam (Melton Vale Post 16 Centre); 2, April Beeby (Countesthorpe); 3, Rachel Borrows (Guthlaxton).

Senior boys: 1, Jonny Monk (Beauchamp College); 2, Matt Kirby (Wyggeston & QEI College); 3, Chris Parkes-Bowen (Beauchamp College).

Senior boys team: 1, Wyggeston & QEI College; 2, Beauchamp College; 3, Loughborough Grammar.

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