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Murder accused 'heard voices in her head'


A mother accused of stabbing her boyfriend 24 times has told a murder trial jury she heard voices in her head moments before she attacked him.

Michelle Mills told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court she heard a "bad voice" in one ear telling her she had to get away from her partner Eddie Miller, while at the same time a "good voice" in her other ear was telling her to stay with him.

She said: "Before I stabbed him, a voice was saying, 'Just do it, just do it'."

Mills, who dabbed tears from her eyes several times while giving evidence from the witness box, said the voices continued to talk to her while she was dialling 999.

She told the jury the "good" and "bad" voices argued with each other.

"Afterwards, I remember a voice saying, 'job well done', and then another one saying I was a stupid girl."

Mills told the jury after an evening out at a bonfire night party at a pub, she and 20-year-old Mr Miller returned to their cottage in King Street, Scalford, near Melton, and argued.

She said she drank about half a bottle of wine, while Mr Miller drank wine and three cans of beer.

She discovered cannabis belonging to Mr Miller in a kitchen cupboard which made her angry, she said, telling the jury they had both previously agreed not to bring drugs into the house.

Mills said the cannabis was taken outside but when Mr Miller returned he pushed her on to the sofa, then sat on top of her.

She said: "He headbutted me. I was thinking I was going to get it. I was frightened. He was angry.

"I managed to get away from him and I went straight to the kitchen. I just wanted to get away from him.

"I have no memory of picking up the knife but I remember using it to stab Eddie.

"He was drinking wine out of the bottle. As I walked back into the living room he came towards me. I thought he was going to attack me.

"I stabbed him because I thought he was going to kill me. I stabbed him a second time in the stomach."

Mills said she had no recollection of how Mr Miller came to have the other 22 knife wounds. Her barrister, Peter Lodder QC, asked her: "Did you want to hurt him?"

Mills replied: "Yes."

Mr Lodder then asked: "Did you want to kill him?"

Mills responded: "No."

Mills said she told a psychiatrist about the voices in her head during an examination last week, but had not mentioned them during examinations by three previous doctors.

She told the jury she had previously had visions of being kidnapped by aliens and of seeing the devil.

"There's an alien thing where I think I've been abducted by an alien craft," she said.

"That was about 18 months ago. It happened about four times. That was when I was living in Lake Terrace, in Melton.

"I was with Eddie. I got woken up by the house shaking. I went downstairs into the living room. I just get taken up through the sky and through the roof. They have like owl faces.

"They just make a buzzing noise. They didn't talk to me. I just remember being brought back.

"I think there is some kind of probe or transmitter in my side. You can't see it but I can feel it. I haven't told anyone about it.

"I won't sleep in a room with two beds. I've been like that since I was 12. When there are two beds in the room I wake up and see the devil in the bed alongside me."

Mills (31), of King Street, Scalford, denies murder on November 6. The jury has been told that she admits she was responsible for his death.

The trial continues.

Murder accused 'heard voices in her head'

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