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Objections could delay or prevent demolition of Belgrave Flyover


A handful of objectors could delay or prevent demolition of Belgrave Flyover.

Sainsbury's has proposed knocking down the 40-year-old bridge as part of a scheme to close and redevelop its site in Belgrave Road and open another in Rushey Mead.

Leicester City Council has approved the plans but before demolition can begin permission has to be granted by the Department for Transport.

Ten objections to the demolition have been lodged, which could mean a planning inquiry is held in the summer.

Michael Adenmosun, portfolio development manager for Sainsbury's, said: "We have received a small number of objections during the 28-day consultation period, which is now over.

"We're addressing these objections, some of which have been withdrawn following clarification of the benefits of the removal of the flyover."

He said the company had yet to speak to all the objectors.

A spokesman for Leicester City Council said although most of the objections had been resolved, "the remaining few may need to be dealt with at a public inquiry in the summer".

The identities of the objectors have not been revealed. If the remaining objections are not upheld, the work would start as planned.

It is believed the objections primarily involve fears of greater traffic congestion if the flyover was demolished.

Dharmesh Lakhani, the owner of Bobby's restaurant, in Belgrave Road, and chairman of Belgrave Business Association, said the vast majority of people in the area wanted the development to go ahead as soon as possible.

He said: "The community welcomes the proposals to invest in the area, which includes the demolition of the flyover.

"There has been little investment in the area over the past four decades and we believe the removal of the flyover will take away the barrier which separates the Golden Mile from the city centre.

"Not only will it help businesses, it will improve road safety as it will remove the temptation for drivers to exceed the speed limit on the flyover before reaching Belgrave Road."

Leicester Civic Society chairman Stuart Bailey said he could not wait to see the back of the flyover. Sainsbury's plans to construct 10 shops and eight business units on the site of its store.

It would build the new superstore on the site of the former GE Lighting factory, on the corner of Troon Way and Melton Road.

It is understood Sainsbury's hopes to open the new store in November, with the flyover being demolished in January or February 2014.

Objections  could delay or prevent  demolition of    Belgrave Flyover

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