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Teenage driver in six-mile police chase branded 'a menace' by judge


A dangerous driver involved in a six-mile police chase was branded a "menace" on the road and locked up for 10 months.

Sonny Brogan (18) was also banned from driving for three years.

He pleaded guilty to driving a Citroen Picasso dangerously and driving without a licence or insurance, on February 5.

Leicester Crown Court was told the vehicle was stolen and had false number plates.

Brogan claimed he had bought the vehicle for £500 and had no idea it was stolen.

Jonathan Eley, prosecuting, said the defendant was at the wheel of the vehicle and failed to stop when police pulled alongside, indicating for him to pull over, in Anstey Lane, Leicester.

The pursuit continued, at speeds of up to 70mph, through Ratby and Thurcaston towards Rothley.

He ignored at least two give way signs.

At one stage he joined the A6 and went across the central reservation, bursting a front tyre.

He then headed south on the northbound carriageway for a short distance, before joining another road.

He eventually pulled over and was arrested.

The court heard he had previous convictions for motoring offences and had not taken a driving test.

Louise McGhee, mitigating, said Brogan, formerly of the YMCA, in East Street, Leicester, had been saving up to take his test.

He had acquired the car hoping to drive it legally, Ms McGhee said.

Judge Robert Brown said: "Do you expect me to believe he bought this car?

"He hasn't got a job. No insurance company is going to offer him a contract.

"He's got complete contempt for the road traffic laws of this country."

Miss McGhee said: "He was previously working as a labourer.

"The Crown did not pursue a charge of him taking the car.

"He decided to give someone a lift and was unaware of the police until they pulled alongside.

"He panicked when he realised once again he'd been caught driving without a licence or insurance and took an immature decision to drive away.

"He eventually came to his senses and stopped.

"His parents are in court to support him. He has a partner and a five-month-old child."

Sentencing, Judge Brown said: "You're a menace to other road users.

"You have neither the skill or experience to drive a car in built-up areas.

"You've no respect for road traffic laws."

Teenage driver in  six-mile police chase branded  'a menace' by judge

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