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VIDEO: Joe's school pals pitch in to make life-saving video


A hard-hitting video featuring rugby star Martin Johnson as a life-saving hero has been made by a charity in memory of a teenager who collapsed and died while out jogging.

Joe Humphries appeared to be fit and well before he collapsed a few minutes from his home in Rothley, in October. The 14-year-old was the victim of sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (Sads) – the adult version of cot death.

His family has since created the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust to promote awareness of the condition.

Former Leicester Tigers and England captain Martin Johnson spent the day with Joe's friends at De Lisle College, Loughborough, to film Keep Calm and Hands On.

The video tells the story of a teenage boy who collapses while playing rugby and needs emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The video sees the boy's friends spring into action, doing CPR, while others run for help.

It is hoped the video, which will be shown at schools and sports clubs, will highlight the importance of knowing how to save someone's life if they collapse.

Martin, a patron of the charity, said: "CPR is not rocket science and with just a little training, I think the video shows that anyone can be a life-saver.

"It was a full day of filming outside on a cold day, but the video is great. The kids worked really hard and it was well worth it.

"When you hear the numbers when it comes to young people passing away, learning CPR is just a no brainer."

The video was shot at De Lisle with a cast made up of Joe's friends and schoolmates. Mitchell Mensah, 14, who was in Joe's form, played the role of the boy who collapses on the field.

"It definitely got to you a bit when I was lying there and even though it was just acting, you thought about the people who had collapsed in real life," he said.

"Joe was a close friend of mine and I thought it was important to be part of the project."

Jack Beddow, 16, who played a rugby player, said: "I think the video turned out really good. I loved that it was brief but still got the message over really well."

Joe's parents, Steve and Angela, and sister, Lauren, launched the trust at an event at the college this month.

The trust hopes to provide expert screening services for suspected or undiagnosed cardiac conditions in young people and also aims to provide education and training on how to react to unexpected life-threatening situations and to get life-saving defibrillators installed in key community locations.

Steve, a former Leicester City goalkeeper, said: "Every child who knows CPR can be a life-saver – that is the message of the video.

"Knowing CPR is a true life skill and it is one our young people should all be given the help to learn.

"It is a case of be prepared, have that skill, because you just don't know when you might need it."

Sads causes the heart of a young and healthy person to suddenly go into an abnormal rhythm or stop.


VIDEO: Joe's  school pals  pitch in to make life-saving video

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