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Skate park revamp will be in memory of sporting Robbie Pickard


A memorial fund has been set up in the name of a BMX rider killed in a road accident while returning from a skate park.

Robbie Pickard, 19, died on Sunday, February 24, as he cycled home from Terminal 1 indoor skatepark on Melton airfield.

Now, friends and family of the Melton teenager have set up a fund in his memory to raise money for improvements to another of his favourite venues, the town's outdoor skate park, in Play Close.

There are also plans for a permanent reminder of the popular teenager at the skate park.

Hundreds of people packed into St Mary's Church, in Melton, for Robbie's funeral on Friday, March 15.

A group of Robbie's BMX pals led the funeral cortege through the town. His friends and relatives wore "Robbie, ride in peace" T-shirts in his honour and a video featuring Robbie was played in the church along with his favourite songs.

Robbie's mum, Stephanie, 38, said: "It was a beautiful day and the response from people in Melton has been overwhelming.

"We were gobsmacked to see all the people in Market Place on the way to the funeral.

"Robbie's friends really did him proud."

"His friends have organised a Robbie memorial event at Melton's outdoor skatepark in May. Robbie always said he wanted to fix up the skate park in Play Close and improve it.

"One of his best friends, Luke Ball, has also suggested having a spray painting of Robbie on the side of ramps at the skate park , which was like a home to him.

"It's inspirational for these kids to be doing what they're doing in his name.

"I didn't realise he had so many friends.

"They had the idea of raising money for a memorial to him immediately after they heard what had happened."

A "remembrance jam'' sponsored event is being organised at the skate park on May 11, in aid of the Robbie Pickard Memorial Fund.

Other plans include holding BMX, skate and scooter competitions.

It is also hoped pro-riders will attend.

The £2 entry fee and bucket collection will go towards the fund.

A sponsored skydive is also planned for June.

Money is also being raised through the sale of the "Robbie ride in peace" T-shirts.

The tragedy has sparked calls for the road to be made safer for cyclists and pedestrians, particularly for youngsters getting to and from the Terminal 1 BMX and Skatepark.

More than 1,500 people have already signed an online petition calling on Leicestershire County Council to take action.

A county council spokesman said: "We will examine the circumstances of the accident in partnership with the police and will take any appropriate action."

The crash happened at about 6.55pm, 100 metres from the entrance to Melton airfield on the B6047 on Sunday, February 24.

Police are appealing for witnesses to call them on 101.

Leave your tributes to Robbie at:


Skate park  revamp will be in memory of   sporting Robbie Pickard

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