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VIDEO: Richard III: Song is Leicester musician's tribute to king


Musician Alan Jones is hoping to earn a king's ransom in royalties with a song about Richard III.

The 68-year-old, who is lead guitarist and vocalist with Leicester band The Martins, hopes to strike a chord with a tune recorded in the garage at his home in Glenfield.

Alan said he penned the song – Car Park King Richard III – as soon as he heard the announcement last month the skeleton found in Leicester was that of the controversial monarch.

The musician, who gigs on the pub and club circuit in Leicestershire, said: "I heard the announcement on the radio as I was driving about.

"I was out and about putting posters up for one of our upcoming gigs and the words just came straight into my head as I drove along.

"When I got home I just let the words flow out.

"I felt compelled to write the song because I am a Leicester lad and it was a historic day for the city I love."

Alan finished recording the song in 24 hours and posted a video on You Tube.

Last week, he invited Phil Galley, new lead singer with The Martins, to record a new version of the tune.

Alan said: "I am a guitarist who does a bit of singing, Phil is a singer.

"I asked him to step into my garage to work his magic on the track. We had some fun and I think it works well."

Phil, 66, of Broughton Astley, said he felt honoured to be asked to sing the number.

He said: "I think it sounds great. Alan has done an amazing job because, in effect, all he had to work with was a laptop.

"There are quite a lot of harmonies going on, so fair play to him."

Alan said the song had gone down well with audiences at gigs.

He said: "When we played the number at The Crown, in Anstey, we got a standing ovation.

"I don't think I have had that since my heyday, when I played in a band called Mint in the Sixties.

"It seems to strike a chord with people."

Alan said he was proud of the song.

He said: "I don't expect it will be a number one hit, but you never know.

"It would be great if it caught the imagination of the public and became top of the pops.

"It's not about the cash, but the money would come in handy, that's for sure. Who knows what might happen?

"Stranger things have happened. Who would have thought a king of England would be found in a council car park in the East Midlands?"

VIDEO: Richard III: Song is Leicester musician's tribute to king

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