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Man jailed over machete attack on his brother at parents' Ashby home


A man has been jailed after attacking his brother with a machete in an argument over dogs.

Anthony O'Neill swung the weapon and slashed his brother's hand during an argument at their parents' Ashby home.

Leicester Crown Court heard yesterday how O'Neill (29), of Overton Road, Ibstock, went to see his parents on September 25 last year.

Prosecutor Alan Murphy said: "There's a history of differences between the defendant and his parents.

"The issues appear to arise out of the defendant's demeanour and his leaving various dogs at his parents' house."

The court heard that at 11.15am, the defendant's father went to fetch O'Neill's brother, Michael, who was on leave from the Army.

Mr Murphy said: "There was an argument between Michael and his brother about the way the defendant treated his parents and about leaving the dogs there.

"The defendant went to the dining room and Michael described him picking up a machete and waving it towards him in a threatening manner.

"He then swung it and said something like 'Trust me, you'll get it'.

"The machete caused a one-inch cut and some abrasions to Michael's hand."

The pair then had another argument and a fight upstairs, the court heard.

O'Neill, who has convictions for 24 previous offences – including assaults on his mother and a police officer – denied using the machete and pleaded not guilty to causing actual bodily harm, at Leicester Magistrates' Court on January 9.

However, he changed his plea to guilty a few days later.

Gareth Wheatman, defending O'Neill, said his client had anger management issues, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and had also had "difficulties in childhood".

Recorder Gregory Pryce sentenced O'Neill to 42 weeks in custody.

He said: "You assaulted your brother, who only came to the family home because of difficulties you were causing."

When O'Neill is released from prison, he will be subject to an unlimited restraining order, banning him from entering certain streets in Ashby.

Man jailed over machete attack  on his brother at  parents' Ashby home

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