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Girlfriend was hit 90 times


A jealous boyfriend subjected his girlfriend to a series of attacks and told her he was going to "make her life not worth living," a court heard.

Rizwan Diwan, who has previous convictions for assaulting two ex-partners, was jailed for two years.

Leicester Crown Court was told that, during one violent assault through the night, his latest victim was struck 80 to 90 times and lost consciousness.

When she came round, he continued to beat her.

The last attack, in February, happened after they split up, when she agreed to give him a lift in her car. He made her pull over on to the roadside where he attacked her as she sat in the driver's seat.

A patrolling police officer chanced upon the scene, but the woman was so scared – because he was sitting next to her – she pretended to have been in a fight with a female.

She went to hospital with a badly bruised, swollen and bleeding face, as well as a severely bruised left arm.

Victoria Rose, prosecuting, said: "The defendant went with her to hospital and stood outside the curtained area of the cubicle while she was being attended to. She was still too terrified to tell the police.

"It wasn't until she was discharged from hospital and went to see her father that she called the police."

She was on a liquid diet for a week, because of a mouth injury, and has been left with a scar below an eye.

Diwan (31), of Jupiter Close, Highfields, Leicester, admitted harassment – relating to two assaults and text messages of a threatening nature – between October and February.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of causing actual bodily harm to the 31-year-old victim, a separated mother-of-two, on December 17 and February 6.

After the December 17 attack, when she lost consciousness after being repeatedly punched and kicked, he sent her a series of text messages, including: "If I gave you a proper beating you wouldn't get up. I hit you because you don't love me and now I'm going to ruin you.

"I'm going to make your life not worth living."

Sentencing, Judge Robert Brown said: "You dominated and controlled your partner and used violence to hurt and humiliate her.

"You have a history of violence to partners and this woman is the third partner subjected to violence from you.

"It's not just this lady who needs protecting from you, but all future partners are at risk."

He imposed a restraining order banning any future contact with the victim.

Kate Ryle, mitigating, said the "trigger" was the issue of the complainant's marriage.

The defendant found it difficult to accept on discovering during their relationship – which began in August last year – she was separated, not divorced, from her husband.

Miss Ryle said the defendant has since been addressing his issue with drugs, while on remand in custody, and had never previously received formal counselling to assist with difficulties.

The court heard in March 2003 he was prosecuted for battery on a former girlfriend, when he punched her in the face. In 2008, he was prosecuted for harassment and common assault on another partner, who he grabbed and twisted her left hand, bending her fingers back, and threatened to petrol bomb her home.

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