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20-year grudge led to attack that killed man in Gaol Street, Oakham


A 20-year grudge led to a man launching a fatal drink and drug-fuelled attack.

Jamie North was jailed for three years and four months yesterday, for killing Neil Corby.

Mr Corby, 42, was repeatedly punched after inviting North and another man to join a group drinking at his home, in Gaol Street, Oakham, on the evening of September 19.

The court heard the mood changed when North confronted Mr Corby about having bullied him and taken money from him, two decades earlier.

The defendant, drunk and high on cannabis, also blamed the victim for recently insulting his partner in the street.

North (33), of Glen Drive, Oakham, who admitted manslaughter, delivered four or five punches of "moderately severe" force to Mr Corby's head, breaking his nose.

The court heard Mr Corby did not show signs of being mortally injured and cleaned up his injuries, saying he did not want an ambulance.

He was last seen going to his bedroom. His body was found in the lounge of his ground floor flat at 7.30am the following day.

Leicester Crown Court heard he died from head injuries, having suffered brain damage. His poor state of health also contributed to his death.

Mr Corby's sister, Louise Mumford, of Oakham, said of the sentence: "The whole family are extremely disappointed and shocked."

The deceased's brother, Barry Corby (32), of Melton, said: "I can't put into words what the loss means.

"We've happy memories of him, but he's left a big gap in our lives. We're numb with grief."

Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting, said North initially picked on another man in the flat, punching him, causing minor injuries.

He said: "He then hit Mr Corby, not in a flurry, but with a gap between blows.

"After each punch, Corby said 'That's enough, you've done what you came to do, now stop'.

"North said he had done what he wanted to do and left with his friend."

In interview, North told the police of his long-term grievance against the deceased.

Sentencing, Judge Michael Pert QC said: "You were admitted to Mr Corby's home, with his consent.

"You decided to take out on him a grievance based on events in the past.

"You complained you were beaten up and robbed 20 years earlier by him and others.

"The blows were delivered as a deliberate punishment, which aggravates the seriousness."

Philip Shears QC, mitigating, said: "The defendant couldn't have known of the deceased's medical problems that, sadly, contributed to his death."

He said Mr Corby, a heavy drinker, had a history of seizures, a severe heart condition and liver problems.

Mr Shears said: "He's deeply sorry for the death of Neil Corby.

"He was shocked when he heard the news. It wasn't planned.

North was originally charged with murder, but the prosecution later accepted his plea to manslaughter.

He was given a concurrent four-month jail sentence for common assault on the other man in the flat.

20-year grudge led to  attack that killed man   in Gaol Street, Oakham

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