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Broughton Astley sisters Hope and Gabrielle Gagin lose road safety fight


Two young sisters have lost their battle to get the traffic near their home slowed down to protect pets and children.

Hope and Gabrielle Gagin live in St Mary's Close, Broughton Astley, near to Frolesworth Road, which brings traffic into the village.

The girls know several cats have been injured by cars and, worried the same thing could happen to a child, Hope, 13, and Gabrielle, 10, started a petition calling for traffic calming measures in Frolesworth Road.

In November, having collected 93 signatures, the girls presented the petition to a meeting of the Harborough Highways Forum, which is made up of local borough and county councillors.

However, they have now received a letter from Leicestershire County Council saying that the recorded number of injury accidents and the speed of vehicles using the road did not justify traffic calming measures.

Hope said: "I'm a bit disappointed but I'm glad they took us seriously.

"They were really nice when we went to the meeting to speak, even though we were really nervous about doing it.

"If anyone does get hurt on the road we will be campaigning again."

Gabrielle said: "I don't really know what's going to happen now because people are still driving like crazy down there and it's just as bad as it was before.

"I think more cats are going to get hurt."

The girls' mum, Paula, said: "The council wrote to say there just weren't enough reported accidents within the time period they looked at so they wouldn't do anything. The one accident there happened in the winter and was caused by snow.

"The council has been good at keeping Hope and Gabrielle informed and there's not much more that can be done now.

"They're both disappointed no action is being taken but they have been really pleased about how much notice was taken of them."

A Leicestershire County Council spokesman said: "We would like to thank Hope and Gabrielle for their petition and we appreciate their concerns.

"Following the submission of their petition we have carried out further investigations as to whether traffic calming measures should be installed on Frolesworth Road. Records show that, in the last 36 months, there have been no recorded injury accidents within the 30mph limit in Frolesworth Road.

"Also, the latest speed information shows that the majority of vehicles – 85 per cent – were driving at or below 33mph. These record and traffic speeds do not justify funding for road safety measures.

"However, we will monitor the situation and, if necessary, will take action in the future."

Broughton Astley sisters Hope and Gabrielle Gagin  lose road safety fight

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