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Jilted boyfriend threatened to kill his ex and showed her photo of him with gun, Leicester court told


A jilted boyfriend reinforced a chilling threat to kill his ex-girlfriend, by showing her this photograph of him holding a gun.

Ram Odedra (29) could not accept the breakdown of their four-month relationship.

Obsessed, he bombarded the frightened victim with nearly 200 missed calls and text messages, Leicester Crown Court was told.

When she took one of his calls, he told her he had an air rifle.

He said: "I swear on my mum's life I'll kill you with it.

"I'm going to shoot you."

After seeing him sentenced to 20 months imprisonment at Leicester Crown Court, the victim said: "It should have been longer.

"I was really scared and thought I was going to be killed."

The 29-year-old single mum, who lives in Leicester, said after the case: "I was constantly checking my doors and windows.

"As soon as I saw the picture of him holding the gun, I went straight to the police.

"He was charming when I first met him in a restaurant in Belgrave, but he became so jealous.

"He didn't even like me talking to my friends."

Odedra, of no fixed address, admitted making a threat to kill on November 15 last year.

He also pleaded guilty to harassment, between October and November.

A two-year restraining order now forbids any contact, or going to the street where she lives.

The court heard that on November 13, the victim dropped the defendant's belongings at his mother and sister's house. He then rang, saying: "You shouldn't have gone there.

"That's the biggest mistake you've made in your life."

Texts and a barrage of missed calls followed, said Victoria Rose, prosecuting.

On November 14 the victim had 51 missed calls. In two hours, on November 15, she had 70 missed calls.

Between November 16 and 17, she received 73 missed calls and 27 text messages.

They were generally pestering in tone, but not overtly threatening, apart from one when he said it was "the biggest mistake of her life".

When he called threatening to shoot her, she became terrified on seeing his new profile photos on Blackberry Messenger showing him holding a black air rifle.

Miss Rose said: "She was scared for her life and believed he would carry out the threat.

"Her sister was with her and recorded some of what he said, and was also extremely scared."

The defendant was arrested and an air rifle recovered.

Sentencing, Judge Philip Head, told Odedra: "You were, and are, a jealous, obsessive and controlling person.

"On October 25, you received a harassment warning, which should have been a shot across your bow.

"She was understandably scared for her life.

"You were under the influence of drink and drugs when you made the chilling threats.

"You thought she would believe you and you achieved your intention.

"It was a deliberate culmination of a campaign of harassment."

Linda Hinds, mitigating, said: "He had suffered the failure of a business and his marriage before this relationship.

"He recognises what he has done is wrong, the relationship is over and he should have accepted it. He's extremely sorry for what he's done and realises how much he must have frightened the complainant."

Odedra was clean of drugs and intended to remain drink and drug-free in future, she said.

Jilted boyfriend threatened to kill his ex and showed her photo of him with gun, Leicester court told

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