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VIDEO: Leicester MP Keith Vaz MP makes headlines with hit Grease song


As a politician he is often making the headlines and dividing opinions.

However, this weekend it was a video of a leather-clad Keith Vaz singing a Grease duet in a Leicester pub that has attracted the attention of people across the country.

The Leicester East MP warbled the words to You're The One That I Want in a karaoke sing-a-long with Councillor Barbara Potter at the Stirrup Cup pub, in Thurnby Lodge, on Friday night.

The Mercury filmed the performance, which was carried out in honour of campaigner Allan Gratrix, who was celebrating his 75th birthday.

It has since featured on the BBC Sunday Politics show, the Guido Fawkes' website and Radio Five Live.

Sunday Politics show presenter Andrew Neill described it as "a corker".

Thousands of people have viewed it on the Mercury's website.

Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth also said the footage was the talk of Whitehall.

The man who inspired it all, former Thurnby Lodge councillor Allan Gratrix, said he was humbled that Mr Vaz would go to the trouble of serenading him on his birthday.

He said: "It's not every day you have an MP singing to you on your birthday.

"I thought it was very nice – it was obviously tongue-in-cheek, but a lovely sentiment all the same."

Mr Vaz also sang the praises of the campaigner.

He said: "I've known Allan for about 28 years and he is exactly the kind of person you want, and need, in any community.

"The song was dedicated to him, because I know it's his favourite song. I hope I didn't ruin it for him too much."

Coun Potter said: "We're doing Abba next year. I know exactly who I'm going to ask to be the other two."

She then made Mr Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, shake on it.

The evening also included accolades from Allan's friends and relatives and he was presented with a number of cards and gifts before Mr Vaz hit the stage for a second time.

He joined members of the Forgotten Estates group, who recently protested about the use of a Scout hut, and belted out a version of the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton classic Islands in the Stream.

Jenny Cook, 70, from Humberstone, said: "I thought he'd be miming. He clearly wasn't miming though. It shows how much Allan means to him. Allan is a real pillar of the community."

One party-goer, who watched the performance from the bar, said: "I don't think Mr Vaz should give up his day job."

Allan's friend Joy Collier, 70, from Humberstone, said: "I've known Allan for a few years and he's a very hardworking person. It's nice of Keith Vaz to come and wish him a happy birthday – and in such a unique way."

Visitors to the Mercury's website had divided opinions on his performance.

Anobserver wrote: "He got up and showed he does have a fun side. Credit where credit is due."

While Carty2020 was less complimentary and said: "Vaz should act his age not his shoe size."

VIDEO: Leicester MP Keith Vaz MP makes headlines with hit Grease song

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