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Frail Peggy gets her stairlift after MP intervenes


Frail pensioner Peggy Taylor is set to get the stairlift she has been waiting for for more than five years.

The 83-year-old, who suffers from heart disease and breathing problems and has brittle bones, said she owed the breakthrough to her MP Keith Vaz.

Leicester East MP Mr Vaz stepped in last week when Mrs Taylor was told she had to pay the city council £477 towards £9,000 of work, which includes fitting a shower room.

He was angered at the size of the demand, which was more than twice the amount she had been told.

So he organised a bring-and- buy sale of his old clothes at her home in Netherhall to raise the money to pay her contribution.

However, Mr Vaz said: "I was told the money had to be paid up front before the grant money was released.

"So I paid the contribution and the money raised from the sale will go to Loros."

Leicester City Council said a meeting would be held at Mrs Taylor's home in the coming week to sign the contract and that work should start on February 18.

Mrs Taylor, who has lived in the property for 56 years, said: "I am so pleased I have the date from the council.

"I have waited for five-and-a- half years for this. Now, within a week, the council has said it is about to start work.

"I owe it all to Mr Vaz getting involved."

Mrs Taylor, who is unsteady on her feet and walks with the aid of a frame, said: "I am very angry at the way the council has treated me.

"I cannot understand how it can make a mistake over the size of the contribution I had to make.

"I am pleased the council has said work will start soon, but I won't really believe it until it happens."

Mr Vaz visited Mrs Taylor on Friday, February 1 and was shocked to see how frail she was.

Keith Vaz said: "I am amazed Leicester City Council has kept Mrs Taylor waiting for five years for a stairlift and wet room. She is 83, very frail, with breathing problems and other health issues.

"Her condition makes it very difficult for her to climb stairs and get in and out of a bathtub. She has already fallen a couple of times."

A spokesman for the council said the grant was Government money and the authority had to abide by strict rules governing how it was administered.

The council has apologised for the mistake over the level of Mrs Taylor's contribution.

Martin Bromley, head of grant applications, who attended the sale, said: "The payment contribution is something Mrs Taylor can afford. She signed an agreement to pay the money.

"We will have a meeting with Mrs Taylor this week with the contractor.

"We anticipate the work will start on Monday of the following week and will take two to three weeks to complete."

Frail Peggy  gets   her stairlift after   MP  intervenes

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