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King quest has captured imagination


On Monday, we will learn whether the skeleton found underneath a Leicester car park really is that of King Richard III. Readers will recall that the circumstantial evidence is strong.

University of Leicester experts revealed in September last year that the skeleton had injuries to the skull and a barbed iron arrowhead in its back.

This is consistent with some historical sources which suggest the king was pulled from his horse and killed with a blow to the head.

The skeleton also showed severe scoliosis – a curvature of the spine.

Although this is not as pronounced as Shakespeare's portrayal of the king as a hunchback, it would have given the appearance of one shoulder being higher than the other.

The site at which the skeleton was found also supports the theory that it is Richard.

After his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, his body was taken to Leicester and publicly displayed.

Historians believe he was then buried at the Franciscan friary of Greyfriars, a low-key site chosen to avoid any sort of cult developing around his grave.

Although the friary was demolished in the 16th century, historical records remain which describe the burial site and this is what guided the excavation of the car park which began last August.

Since the discovery of the skeleton, university experts have been carrying out tests to try to confirm whether or not the remains are those of the king. This research has included DNA extracted from the bones and tested against that of descendants of Richard's family.

On Monday, there will be a press conference in Leicester where the results will be revealed.

Everybody will, of course, be hoping that this will provide confirmation that the remains are those of Richard III and we await the announcement with bated breath.

Whatever the outcome this has been a remarkable story which has captured the imagination of people across the world.

It has showcased the expertise of the University of Leicester and shone a spotlight on this city's rich history.

Now let's hope that it does turn out to be him. That would be the crowning glory!

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