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Rutland Anti-Corruption Party's response to Council accusations

Following the recent article on OakhamPeople Rutland County Council may take legal action against Anti-Corruption Party and coverage in local press and on BBC Leicester, I contacted Cllr Richard Gale for a response to the following questions:-

Rutland Anti Corruption Party
  • Do you believe that there is corruption at Rutland County Council and if so, what is the nature of that corruption?  
  • What are the names of the councillors at RRC that you believe are corrupt?
  • What is the specific information that you have been unable to obtain from RCC?
  • Why did you name yourselves the Rutland Anti-Corruption Party?
  • How could the current situation be resolved in order to prevent the need for legal intervention?
Cllr Gale did not answer the questions - I assume under advice, but has today furnished OakhamPeople with the following press release:- 

Press release by The Rutland Anti-Corruption Group
"We are three Independent Councillors elected to represent the views and aspirations of the whole community of Rutland.  In times of austerity it is so important to regularly consult with and inform the electorate how Rutland Council spends the reducing amount of money it has to provide services on their behalf. 

"All we have ever done and all we will continue to do is ask for Openness and Transparency in line with current National Government directives.  Despite this we have been denied our statutory right to see minutes of meetings, background information and Reports on Capital projects and other far reaching and significant projects and expenditure.  Such documentation is essential in order to make well informed decisions.  Furthermore, without this openness and transparency we cannot respond to the electorate who want and have a right, to know how their money is spent.

"We will not be deterred by certain false and misleading published information recently about ourselves and no matter how uncomfortable this gets we will continue to ask those questions, as is our duty as elected Councillors, in order to keep the public fully informed."

Cllr Richard Gale
Cllr David Richardson
Cllr Nick Wainwright

Council meeting
There will be a Special Meeting of the Full Council to decide the next steps tomorrow -  Thursday 10 January at the Council Chambers, Catmose, Oakham at 7.00 pm. Members of the public are invited to attend. Documents relating to this meeting can be accessed here.

Rutland Anti-Corruption Party's  response to Council accusations

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