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Emergency plumber calls just in time to save life of customer Edna Giles, 97, in Leicestershire


Frail Edna Giles owes her life to a plumber who refused to drive off after she failed to answer the door when he called at her bungalow.

The 97-year-old had fallen from her bed and spent the night on the cold floor as she could not get back up, having lost her right leg in a car crash when she was 25.

Plumber Michael Harrison was so concerned when he got no reply he rang Edna's friend, Sandra McLavy, and while Sandra rushed to Edna's Thringstone home, Michael removed a window and climbed inside.

He was then able to let in Sandra, who had called the emergency services, and they found Edna lying on the floor "as blue as could be".

"Michael acted quickly and took the window out and climbed in and let us in – by that time I had called the ambulance and the police," said Sandra, 57.

"Edna was very cold, extremely thirsty and confused and was suffering from hypothermia.

"I have no doubt that if Michael had not called me, Edna would have died.

"I was not due to call on her until the next day and I don't think she would have survived another night on the floor.

"As it was, she had spent 12 hours on the floor and was in a poorly state and had to be taken to hospital for treatment for hypothermia.

"I just want to thank Michael for calling me and getting in to the bungalow so quickly.

"I thought the paramedics were marvellous, too."

Edna, who lives alone and who used to play piano with a number of dance bands in the 1940s, including the Blue Rockets, said: "They're not going to get rid of me that easy. I survived a car crash in which three people were killed.

"I want to say a big 'thank you' to Michael for what he did. He deserves recognition."

Recalling what happened, she said: "I had slipped off the bed and could not get back up. I was very cold."

"There was a lot of fuss, what with the police and ambulance people, the plumbers and a nurse," said Edna, who had taken off her helpline emergency alarm so could not call for help.

Michael, who works for the HomeServe emergency repair service, called at Edna's home at 10am on Friday, November 22, to mend her toilet.

Edna has been recovering since then, and has not been able to speak about what happened until now.

"I'm back at home now and looking forward to celebrating Christmas," she said.

"I now sleep with my lifeline alarm around my neck."

Michael, 29, who lives in Ellistown, said: "I've been to Edna's before and when I got no answer my natural instinct was to call Sandra and then get the window off and go inside.

"After being on the floor all night, Edna was as blue as could be and I don't know what would have happened if she had been there much longer.

"If it was something out of the ordinary I did, then I'm just happy to have helped."

Emergency plumber calls just in time to save life of customer Edna Giles, 97, in Leicestershire

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