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here's Santa with a ho-ho show!


Proud parents and performing pupils are continuing to rejoice in Christmas revelry at primary schools across the county.

Youngsters at Woodstone Community Primary School, in Ravenstone, north west Leicestershire, staged a show called Santa's Setbacks this week.

It was performed by the school's youngest pupils, aged five and six.

The story tells of a series of mishaps which Santa overcomes to deliver everybody's presents at Christmas.

"It all ends happily ever after, of course," said head teacher Patrick Mullins.

"But the fact that every child gets their five minutes of fame and builds their confidence is the part I like.

"We did three shows with the youngest ones and had about 500 people watching in total so it was a big deal."

Children at St Andrew's Primary, in North Kilworth, also got into the festive spirit and staged their play Hey, Ewe!

The story is about a curious sheep who sees an angel and follows it to find baby Jesus.

Head teacher Heather White said: "It's our own take on the traditional nativity and the children have really enjoyed it.

"We have had a couple of performances. On Thursday, we had members of the community and a local residential home come in to watch.

"Some of the older ones baked mince pies for them and played their instruments – it was lovely."

Five-year-old Daniel Ellis played the part of one of the kings in the performance.

He said: "I liked my costume because it was blue and furry.

"My favourite part of Christmas is getting all my presents."

Lara Cutri, seven, was the narrator in the play.

She said: "I enjoyed being the narrator, everyone said they really liked it.

"I like Christmas because I get to sing carols and do dancing."

Youngsters at Catmose Primary, Oakham, also put their own spin on the traditional story of Christmas with their performance entitled Is There A Baby In There?

Principal Stuart Williams said: "All the pupils worked really hard and put on an excellent performance. The singing was fantastic and the children clearly enjoyed performing."

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