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Born at 12:12pm on 12:12:2012 - Leicestershire baby Sienna Mai Hutchinson


Sienna Mai Hutchinson made history yesterday when she became the only baby in Leicestershire to be born at exactly 12 minutes past 12 on the 12th of the 12th, 2012.

The tot, who weighed in at 6lbs 14ozs and had a little mop of black hair, was the centre of attention due to her arrival time, but slept through the flash of cameras as the moment was captured for posterity.

Parents Sarah Barkus and Pete Hutchinson are hoping it will prove fortuitous for their daughter.

Sarah, from Countesthorpe, said: "All our friends and family are amazed at the timing, and we hope it is a lucky sign.

"It had never crossed my mind that she would be born at this time.

"She was due on Monday, December 3, and I had been due to have her induced on December 13."

However, the 29-year-old went into labour in the early hours of yesterday and arrived at Leicester Royal Infirmary just after 6am.

Pete, 28, said: "People I work with joked about Sienna being born at 12.12pm, but we didn't really think about it.

"But then, at about 11.50am, when Sarah and I realised that she really was on her way, we joked again about how funny it would be – but we didn't really expect it to happen. I don't think it has really sunk in yet – it is all so special!"

Midwife Lizzie Archer, who delivered Sienna Mai, was delighted to be part of the special occasion.

She said: "We had joked about the timing early on but we weren't sure when the baby would arrive.

"As soon as she was born we looked at the clock at it was exactly 12.12pm. It did make it very special."

It will be at almost 90 years at least before another baby will have the chance to be born with all the date numbers in alignment – January 1, 2101 being the next time it happens.

Even then, the chances of the baby coming at 1:01 seem slim.

Yesterday was a special day for others as well – 12 Leicestershire couples tied the knot, and will have no excuse for forgetting their anniversary in future years.

Amanda Bettany, superintendent registrar for Leicestershire County Council, said that, coincidentally, a dozen weddings had been booked throughout the county to take place yesterday, including one at noon.

She said when the number of the day, the month and the year were aligned was a popular time for marriages.

"I have been here for eight years, and every time this has happened we have seen an increase in couples who want to get married on a memorable date.

"When the date was 9/9/9 we had quite a lot of people who work for the emergency services, police, fire and ambulance, booking their weddings.

"For some reason there was also a large number of couples who got married on 6/6/6."

Ms Bettany said the number 12 was considered to be good luck by some people, especially the Chinese, which added to the attraction.

More than 200 venues in Leicestershire are licensed for weddings, ranging from castles and stately homes to more unusual places such as Bosworth Battlefield and Twycross Zoo.

However, one of the most popular places, Leicester Town Hall, missed out on 12/12/12 celebrations – as no weddings are held there on Wednesdays.

Born at 12:12pm on 12:12:2012 - Leicestershire baby Sienna Mai Hutchinson

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