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Market Bosworth nursing home carer is guilty of ill-treatment


A senior carer at a nursing home has been convicted by a jury of ill-treating two residents in their 90s.

However, Samantha James was cleared of mistreatment towards four other alleged victims.

One of the offences she was found guilty of involved shouting and swearing at a 93-year-old man. She also left him on a toilet for 45 minutes as a " punishment", including while she went on a break.

James refused to help a colleague to hoist the man off a lavatory after he changed his mind about wanting to use the facility, accusing him of wasting her time.

He was distressed and complained of soreness, with a red mark on his backside.

James (29) was also found guilty of twice being verbally abusive to a 97-year-old man with mobility problems.

The offences took place at the Bosworth Court Nursing Home, Market Bosworth, where she had worked for nine years.

On the first occasion James lost her temper when the elderly man had difficulty using a walking frame.

She used four-letter expletives and accused him of being awkward before going, on the insistence of another carer, to get a wheelchair.

Adam Feest, prosecuting, told Leicester Crown Court: "She came back with a wheelchair and shoved it hard into the back of his legs, causing him to fall back into it, before snatching his frame from him."

On the second occasion she was angry and rough with him when putting him into a wheelchair.

She abruptly wheeled him to a dining table, leaving him in tears and too distraught to eat his lunch.

Another carer, who witnessed the incident, said she comforted him and was so upset it also made her cry.

James, of The Oval, Nailstone, near Market Bosworth, faced six counts of willfully ill-treating five residents suffering from dementia, who all lacked the capacity to look after themselves, and neglecting another, between February and May last year.

She denied all charges and was cleared of three ill-treatment counts and one of neglect, relating to four women residents, all in their 80s.

Two of the guilty verdicts were by a majority of 10-2 and the third by 11-1.

The jury found she had not slapped a woman in the head in the shower or called her "a bitch", she had not negligently failed to wash another resident and she had not lost her temper with a pensioner who gripped her hard.

She was also found not to have picked up a woman and shoved her into a wheelchair.

The court heard that three carers made complaints about James after being reminded of the home's whistle-blowing policy during a training session.

They gave evidence against her in court.

James, who had no previous convictions, told the jury she was never bad-tempered and had not been rough or verbally abusive to residents.

She said she had got on well at work with the three women who complained about her, but accused them of telling lies in court.

She was described by two defence witnesses, both former colleagues, as carrying out her duties well.

The case was adjourned until January 11 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Releasing James on bail, Judge Ebraham Mooncey told her: "All sentencing options remain open, including custody."

Market Bosworth nursing home carer is guilty of ill-treatment

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